Jack Roan

My grandfather was a craftsman. He worked with his hands as a carpenter in the shipyards of San Francisco. He built cabinets and furniture in a small home workshop with lumber salvaged from the waterfront.

My father is an engineer. The third of four boys, he was the first person in his family to attend college. He went all the way, graduating with a PhD. in Theoretical Mathematics. He is a genius. He never stops learning.

I am an artist. I love music and picked up the guitar at age 13. I love to design and create, and worked in a machine shop in high school. I hold degrees in physics and electrical engineering and have three patents, but I do my best work with vacuum tubes and a soldering iron.

I am the owner and sole employee of Noble Amplifier Company. I hand build every amplifier and preamp from scratch, one at a time. I select and solder every component by hand. I glue, route, sand, and wrap each cabinet. I designed the unique circuits used in each product. I individually screen every tube for noise, gain, and microphonics. I pack and ship every box. I do all the social media posts. I hand coded this website with a text editor. This is my creative expression. This is my art.

About Noble

I believe this world has enough disposable junk. I am not interested in creating something that will break down and become trash within my lifetime. I believe the best way to serve you is not to mass produce a product as cheaply as possible but rather to build a high quality and reliable product, provide it direct to you without middlemen and retailer markups, avail myself personally when you have questions, and repair it for you if ever necessary. My passion and life's work is to serve fellow artists in this way.

Design is important. The amplifier is part of the instrument. A good instrument must not only sound good, but look good, feel good. It has to inspire you. A good instrument inspires creativity. And the amp is part of the instrument.

Every instrument amplifier is a system with three distinct blocks: preamp, power amp, and speaker cabinet. In some cases, particularly with bass guitar, you don’t need (or don’t get to have) a power amp or cabinet, which makes a good preamp even more important.

The best instrument amplifiers use vacuum tubes. Tubes have extremely high headroom with a very low noise floor when powered from a high voltage power supply. Tubes are inefficient and imperfect; the color they add sounds pleasing to our ears because it is primarily low order harmonics, which are musical intervals of the root note. These overtones enhance the dimension and response of the instrument and make up for natural resonances lacking in solid body electric instruments.

Since 2005 the mission of Noble Amplifier Company has been to build an exceptional product, deliver it direct to the artist, and provide unlimited hands-on support. Life is about relationships. We inspire each other and we need each other. The real world is people. Love one another.